Between Want And Need Lyrics

Artist: Breathe Electric

I'm overloaded
with every passing breathe we all know
what this is
cuz you're all around me with no sense of urgency
and i'd have it no other way
because when i hold you
it feels like time could stop
and it would be, so much better
and when i'm away from you
i'm feeling like i can never do no right
with a single, motivation
we're never ever gonna be like we were before
cuz you could be the best thing i could have to myself
and you could be the girl that i've been missing that makes me
so much better

so call me when you're back baby
and we'll take this to the end
cuz i know we're gonna make it afterall
this could this would
create some feelings that i've
never felt before

come to this place where we would not sit by ourselves
and without souls, we would just be
overworked and underpaid but it wouldn't matter
cuz of you, and your big plans for us without any, altercations
cuz we're gonna see who we were before
breaking our backs just to make it through
you and me girl we're gonna take this far
baby girl you're everything i need
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