Mrs.Robinson Lyrics

Artist: Simon Garfunkel

And here's 2 U,Mrs. Robinson.?????,??????
Jesus loves U more than U will knowWo,wo,wo.??????????????
God bless U please,Mrs. Robinson.??????,??????
Heaven holds a place 4 those who pray.???????????????

We'd like 2 know a little bit about U 4 our files.?????????????
We'd like 2 help U learn 2 help Urself.??????????
Look around U,all U see are sympathetic eyes.????,????????
Stroll around the grounds until U feel at home.????,????????

Hide it in a hiding place where no one ever goes.????????????
Put it in Ur pantry with Ur cupcakes.?????????????
It's a little secret,just the Robinsons' affair.??????,?????????????
Most of all,U've got 2 hide it from the kids.????????????
Coo,coo,ca-choo,Mrs. Robinson.?,??????

Sitting on a sofa on a Sunday afternoon.?????????????
Going 2 the candidates debate.?????????????
Laugh about it,shout about it.????,?????
When U've got 2 choose.???????
Every way U look at it,U lose.???????,??????

Where have U gone,Joe DiMaggio ?????,?ยท????
A nation turns its lonely eyes 2 UWoo,woo,woo.????????????
What's that U say,Mrs. Robinson ????,?????
Joltin' Joe has left And gone away.????????????

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