Party_Started Lyrics

Artist: P!Nk

Ducking out my window double story from the ground
from my hammock down my tree and into Melbourne town
now first stop hit Kanelata to Tedesco land
to down that show - with 2 shoes and a magic hand man
now it's aplan as flamenco turns to -down shakin
there's a jazz jam and Julie's got the whole joint bakin'
and anyone who's fakin' gets a quick anihilation
as we movin' destinations on the music train station singing
'on and on and on'. on and on and on
checkin checkin out Mr Askey's song - cos he's
late sevens' captain-on-the-mic but blows the horn so fierce
that the room ignite
it's like his shuffle got us thinking about dowing the down low so where we go
We take the night cat stop for the cabrones show
and here's the point I stop reciting start to dance instead
I heard the city of the deep blue lights it said:
Now get the party started
It wasn't hard... to get the party started
Chillin at the club, pimpin with my money
Well actually, my parties are more like_
Chillin in the sun with tea and milk and honey
Tea and lamingtons, that's my idea of fun
But I do enjoy the odd occasional bottle of rum
As we learnt in the songs that I have previously sung
When it's done with fruit juice at a barbecue in the sun
In the afternoon is begun with kangaroo and capsicum
I do eat meat but I don't like killing
So don't crash my party while I'm sitting back chilling
My oh my why oh why are people so violent
I ain't trying to be a lion I extend my alliance
To anyone who like to just sit back and chitchat
Maybe have a jam, spit scats and eat biscuits
Before you know it's midnight and you're running through the moonlight
And you realize...
It wasn't hard... to get the party started
The house party started about eleven or so
got a call from Krido to tell me that
Dubwo and Hendo started it blow by blow
now it's a dancehall rockin like'a Cuban mojo
so bring ya go-go's and your special friends
I've never been diving but I get the bends
when schlam and Mick and Fairooz making the soul news
The C-A-T E-M-P-I-R-E-S G-O-T
A Party H-A-P-P-E-N-I-N-G and it's a
G-O-Double N-A be seeing
The break of dawn
Then keep on rocking it
Can you tell me something about last night
It wasn't hard... to get the party started

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