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Artist: Leona Naess

home i don't know where you could be

look for you in mountains of oceans across seas

though we live under the same moon

catch you in the glimmer of a spoon

could you be

where love raised his head

where my youth was gallantly led

where the sun took a holiday

fell in love, decided to stay

i'm so tired

and down, down, down, down, down

could you be where my best friend plays

where the nights bleed longer then the days

where i lost my only child

where there are no trees but wolves run wild

maybe somewhere i have never been

Tangiers or the bank of Berlin

strangers can veil a friendly eye

rather be with you than a lie

i am so tired and down......

could you be where my angel sleeps

when he sings willows begin to weep

when i think of all i have done

home you know you're the one

home is where the heart is
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