Corn Star Lyrics

Artist: Craig Morgan

Well she's not the kind a girl
You'd meet on the corner
Of Hollywood and vine
But you might bump into her
On aisle 21 at the farmers
Feed and supply

With a bag of seed on her suntan
Shoulder cut off jeans and a tight
Tank top with a john Deere mower on it
Make you wish you were ridin on it

No you won't see her on the cover
Of playboy magazine
Oh she's too busy getting dirty
In a field of green
She's a corn star
Talk of the crop at every county fair
Corn star
Blue ribbon winner for the last 5 years
They cut a four lane highway
right throuh her pasture
Blamed it on progress
And movin traffic faster
But every body knows the only
Reason for the road was to see her
Jug a luggin on the top of that tractor
She's a corn star

You'd swear you'd seen her in a red bikini
On a bay watch episode
But I'm telling you straight that 600 acres
Is the only life that she knows

There gossip in town flying around
She was sunset stripping for tips in l a
But that's just a bunch of bean growers
Talking to bean loaders
What would they know about a

Oh shes agriculture monthly's reigning queen
Coast to coast every country boys dream

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