Emotional Lyrics

Artist: Mariah Carey

I don't need a heartache
And crushes can be so fake
Sooner than you know it
They turn your world around
You might think I'm crazy
When I don't want red roses, yea
I'd rather have you promise
To never let me down
I don't wanna fall in love
I try and try, but then we get emotional
Oh I don't need a hit and run
Don't tell me we were only having fun
Kinda like your sweet talk
And that could make a good start
But if you want to move me oh
Play it straight with my heart
So maybe you're the one
Who gets me going on
But I'm not waiting for a star to fall
You gotta treat me right
And be my knight in white
That's so emotional
Mm yeah
Oh yeah
Oh oh emotional
So emotional
Oh yeaah

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