Something's Wrong With Him Lyrics

Artist: Joe Budden

feat. Carlos 6 July Broady
[Royce Da 5'9] 6 July
Uhh, yeah, my conference calls with 'Los and Kino
consists of - Nigga tone it down, there's way too much killin
Of course I ignore 'em, a poor man talk
I don't give a fuck if I throw my poor fans off
Pathetic war done entered my brain and permanently changed me
Now I'm angry so FUCK a metaphor
FUCK hip-hop, hip-hop sucks!
You got, niggaz on top swingin from 2Pac's NUTS!
It's like, I could go in the lab
and try to write somethin that's nice or bright but I will be holdin back
My scripture's in the dark
Deep-rooted soldier inside my soul, uncontrollable temper like The Hulk's
She say it sound like I hold grudges
She rather listen to Joe Budden's, no disrespect aight
But FUCK a party now and everybody like

[Chorus: Royce] 6 July
What's wrong witchu nigga Every song you killin
Every rhyme you spit is violently put
Lethal, BUT I have no problem
with puttin this gun down and beatin yo' ass up
I was taught rhyme from the heart, they will feel you
I like the dark, you cut on them lights, I will kill you
Something's wrong with him

[Royce Da 5'9] 6 July
Just like his pops
He don't give a fuck if you like him or not
He's a major problem I will slap yo' ass in church
And apologize to Jesus later, punk!
Why am I hot and you not, and why is you rich
And why I ain't got SHIT in my pocket but lint
This ain't rap no mo', this not a flow
This is beef, there's a couple street niggaz that got to go bloaw!
My name is Nickel haha I'm from the suburbs yeah!
It's only a ten-minute drive to come and get you yeah
TIRED of you hoes
I will slap snot side-ways outta ya nose, PARTNAH! partnah!
I know we got drama
But I will still show up at your funeral and hug yo' ugly-ass momma
Everybody wanna know why the flow is so bad
Why is you so mad Everybody askin


[Royce Da 5'9]
I'm a natural since - I wrote Black Girl
I hope that you don't think
that I won't smack yo' bitch
Cause I will clap her if she happen to be witchu, when I kill you
You can get ideas, nobody compares you thugs
I will put out the bub on top of yo' head
This .22 rifle, be shootin them bouncin bullets
The enter into your head and exit out yo' foot
Ride off as soon as my clip turns, you click and
{*click click, BOOM*} them choppers is lookin for eyeballs yeah
You could bring yo' roughest toughest thug
that's jealous just tell him to touch me, I will fuck him up!
I will knock his ass OUT
And if I can't beat him I will grab my heater and POP his ass!
FUCK yo' life, stripes I will shock yo' hood
And I ain't never dyin, knock on wood - whattup 'Los


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