Just_Got_Paid Lyrics

Artist: Johnny Kemp

Thank God that it's Friday night and I
Just-just-just-just-juuuuusssttt got paid

Yea, Oh-ohh, uuuhhh-huh

Just got paid Friday night
Just got paid, Friday night
Party's hoppin',place is right
Booties shakin, all around
Pump that Jam, while I'm gettin down

Check the mirror, I'm lookin' fly
Round up the posse, jump in my ride
Radio rockin', smooth jams
Feel the rhythm, pump up the sound
I'm feelin' good don't you know i'm groovin
To the beat
I'm groovin', yea, groovin, oh oh oh ohhhhhhh
Some say my solo is impossible
But when I get up on the mic, i'm unstoppable
And it's probally when you hear our voices laid down
You'll be boppin your head to this ill tight sound

Now I know you probally thought ya had me
Played played
But the check is in my hand and i got it mademade
And you'll notice my smile is like Kool-aid
Cuz I justjust gotgot paidpaid Uhhhhh

On the floor bumpin to the beat
All ways sure looks sweet
Fine young lady, standin' by
Come on baby, sweet like delight <---
I rock the world that you move
You looks so sweet when you're movin to the beat
I'm tired of all these boring parties baby
Why don't we get on down, let's get on down

Getting down down


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