Legacy Of Doom Lyrics

Artist: Razor

Dead of night in days of old
Men were fierce but none so bold
Called him crazy and insane
But none dare take his name in vain
Carved in stone soon death prevails
Dangerous warning soon entails
Chipped away with blood and sweat
Now passes on his evil debt
To those who touch this sacred place
In any time from any place
Who desecrates this sacred tomb
shall die by legacy of doom
Years gone past his grave remains
A rotting corpse with none to gain
Still untouched by those who dread
An evil curse upon their heads
Time marches on and cities expand
Superstitions ignored by now modern man
One did dare to challenge the tomb
He now rots in hell, a warning of doom
So take heed of this warning given to you
If you ever should cross a cursed tomb
Leave it alone and do turn away
Or bear the evil curse 'til your dying day
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Artist: Razor

Title: Legacy Of Doom

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