The Realist Shit I Ever Wrote Lyrics

Artist: 2Pac

21 gun salute

One love

One thug

One nation

21 Gun salute

Dressed in fatigues

Black jeans and boots

Disappear in the crowd

All you seen was troops

This little nigga named Nas

Think he live like me

Talk about how he left the hospital

Took five like me

You living fanatasies

I reject your deposit

We shook dre punk ass

Now we out of the closet

Mobb Deep wonder why nigga blowed them out

Next time grown folks talkin'

Nigga close your mouth

Peep me

I take this war shit deeply

I see too many real playas fall

to let you's bitch niggas beat me

Puffy, lets be honest

You a punk

or you would see me with gloves

Remember that shit you said in vibe

About me being a Thug

You can tell the people you roll With

Whatever you want

But, You and I know

Whats going on

Pay Back

I knew you bitch niggas from way back

Witness me strapped with macs

knew I wouldn't play that

All you old rappers trying to advance

Its all over now

Take it like a man

Niggas looking like

Larry holms flabby and sick

(Lookat De La Soul!)

Trying to playa hate on my shit

BIG, eat a fat dick

Let it be known this is how you made me

Love it how I got you niggas crazy'


I hope my true mutha-fuckas know

This be the realist shit I ever wrote

against all Odds

In the studio

Getting blowed

This be the truest shit I ever spoke

Against all Odds

I heard he was light skined, stocky

with a Haitian accent

(Say his name, now)

Jewelry, fast cars and he's known for flashing

(whats his name)

Listen while I take you back

(Nigga, say his name!)

and lace this rap

A real live tale

About a snitch named Hatian Jack

Knew he was working for the feds

(I knew it!)

Same crime different trail

Niggas picture what he said


And did I mention

Promised a payback

Till he hits me

In due time

I knew you bitch niggas was listening

The world is mine

Set me up

Wet me up

niggas stuck me up

(I'm back, I'm baaack)

Heard the guns bust

But you tricks never shut me up

Touch one of mine

On everything I own

I'll destroy everything you touch

Play the game nigga

All out warfare

eye for an Eye

Last words to a bitch nigga

Why you lie?

Now you gotta watch your back nigga

watch your front

Here we come gunshots to deck

Now you stuck

Fuck the rap game nigga

NIgga This M.O.B

So believe me

We enemies

I go against all odds

(Trick made niggas, ain't no peers)

Puffy getting robbed like a bitch.

To hide that fact,

He did some shit he shouldn't of did.

(You know what)

So he ride for that

And that nigga that was for with me,

Resting dead,

Switching sides,

Guess his new friends wanted him dead.

Probably be murdered for this shit that I said

I bring the real.

Be a legend breathing or dead.

Lord, listen to me.

God don't like ugly,

It was written.

Yo Nas, your whole damn style is bitten.

(You sound like Rakim, man)

You heard my melody,

Read about my life in the papers.

All my run ins with authorities(Trick!),

felonious capers (Punk!)

Now you want to live my life.

So what's the hustle, Nas.

Niggas that don't rhyme right,

Seen too many movies.

Load him up against the wall,

Close his eyes.

Since you lie, you die. Goodbye!

Let the real live niggas hear the truth from me.

What would you do if you was me?

Against All Odds

21 Gun Salute

One love to my true thug niggas

(Outlaw, Outlaw!)

21 Gun Salute to my niggas that died in the line of duty

Represent to the fullest,

Being souljas with military minds that played the rules of the game.

21 Gun Salute

I salute you my niggas.

Stay strong - I ride for you, I rhyme for you,

I roll for you, it's all for you.

To all you bitch made niggas - I'm comin for you

Against all odds.

I don't care who the fuck you is, nigga.

You touch me, I'm at you.

I know you motha fuckas didn't think I forgot.

Hell nah I ain't forgot nigga, I just remembered what you told me.

Said don't go to war unless my money right.

Aight, I got my money right, now I want war.
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