Homeless Lyrics

Artist: Aardvarks

Silent rejection
whenever you see my face
but deep inside
your glances burn
liquid release
is running down my throat
deceitful warmth
fullfills my bones
No place to rest, no home to stay
no life to live, no role to play
the fear of living day by day
No god exists that I can pray
society that I obey
the poison leads me to decay
Forging my will
to stand this test of time
throughout the land
search for my fate
sometimes I feel
ephemeral hope in me rising but
expect my aim
beyond the wall
No place to rest, no home to stay
no voice to hear, no word to say
all colors fading into grey
No god exists that I can pray
I can't afford the price to pay
my low existance goes its way
a destiny right between your eyes.

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Artist: Aardvarks

Title: Homeless

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