03_Down_By_The_River Lyrics

Artist: Hollie Smith

Down by the river, down by the sea.
Down by the water, will you come with me,
The fish are watching, i don't really care
Down by the river if you dare.

Down by the river,
Down by the stream, down by the ripples,
Promise i won't scream, oh.
The flowers are whispering.
What do they say
Down by the river, where we play.

I can see the magic in your eyes.

Down by the river,
Down by the shore. down by the ocean,
Where we wanted more, oh.
The trees are listening, they turn away.
Down by the river where we lay.

Chorus: x2
I can see the magic in your eyes baby;
I can see the sunlight from your smile,
Maybe i could deceive myself,
But why should i deny that you belong to me,
I belong to you

Down by the river, down by the lake.
Down by the water, promise i won't fake.
Sun is shining, in its heat we bathe.
Down by the river we were saved.


You belong to me, i belong to you.

Down by the river, yeah, repeat
Down by the river, deep down, deep down.

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Artist: Hollie Smith

Title: 03_Down_By_The_River

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