Smash Live Lyrics

Artist: The Goo Goo Dolls

Calexico - Smash

Is there anyway I can fix it
Take out my tools maybe smash with it
Let me destroy the parts that annoy

Swallow the words I'm saving
Fumble the chords I'm playing
Better just break it apart
Then where should they go

But you know I'm just following suit
It's something I aim not to do
Can't mock up a model me and you

Is someone out there
I can trust
With the words that never seem to fit

No sense looking backwards
Shattered every mirror in my eye
Scattering the scrapbook
Blueprints on the floor

Always thought things would snap into place
With a little more ease and grace
Still a ship sealed in a bottle
Never reaches the sea

And I stash all of the reasons
Dash them against the wall
And I smash your heart into tiny little pieces

And every time this happens
It gets harder and harder to build back again



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