Pac''s Life Lyrics

Artist: 2Pac

feat. T.I. And Ashanti


Everybody needs to chill
Player haters
Want to see me dead
Only real niggas
Stay on top
All these niggas
Be mad as shit
Cause they can't live
Like Pac

Started with five shots
Never drop the killer
Never figured that
That same nigga
Sell five million
Hit the charts
Like a mad man
Nothin' but hits
Court cases
Got a nigga
Facin' multiple digits
Dodgin' cop cars
Look how we came
So far
Picture a high school
Drop out
Rollin' a double R
House full of happiness
Weed and drank
Way out
So it's local
Try to finally came
Never visioned
Livin' longer
Than my twenty-first
Thought I would
Be locked down
Cracked out
Or in the dirt
And though it hurts
To see a change
It comes with the fame
Watch for gospel
In this silly game
To all the muthafuckas
Speakin' down on me
This is the night
Why is everybody
Caught up
In Pac's life


Why are all you niggas
Up on shit
To all y'all niggas
Fuck all y'all
My life

This is Pac's life
And everybody needs to chill
Cause this is Pac's life
Player haters want
To see me killed
Pac's life
Only real niggas
Stay on top
Now all these niggas
Mad at me
Cause they can't live
Like Pac

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