So Long Lyrics

Artist: Rilo Kiley

Watch me fly away
Through the night sky yeah
Now that all you touched
Has finally turned gray
And roads can't hold us down
Winds will move us around
With no need to return
To this gray town
Wanna bet I can tell
You've been in bed for too long
So let's just say so long
And I watched you at the cove
You read on rocks below
And I turned home
Without so much as hello
Wanna know where I go
I've been away for too long
And it's hard to leave
When I haven't seen
You in so long
And if we
Had just held out for tomorrow
We might have seen
What seemed so far away
We didn't even bother to stay
There it goes I can tell
You're gonna to keep
Your eyes to the ground
Waiting for something
To finally come around
Tell you that you knew
That you weren't wrong
And it's finally time for so long
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