I Got Dat Candy (Clean) Lyrics

Artist: Lil Wyte

[Chorus x2: Paul Wall]

I Got That Candy [x4]

I Got That Candy Drip Drippin Of Da Fram Of Da Fram [x2]

[Verse 1: Lil Wyte]

I Got That Candy Code N Burter To Debit Another Flavor

Before A Week It's Been Tha Same Color Of Truck Of A Life Savor

Tha 7th Dayz But Then I Need A Different Code

To Da Paint Shop I Go Push Da Pedal To Da Floor

Burit Out Set It Down Paint It Once Paint Twice

Wet Sedding Paint It Again N Get Ma Baby Lookin Nice

Naw It's Been A Bee Oval ??? Plus Screen

24 Inches All Over Da Wheel Well Mothafucka Im Clean

Chris Wyte J-L Audio Dolby 7 Banging N Knocking

Picture Of Da Wall N Hold Up In Heavens

Catch Me In My City Busting Tone On This Indiana Section

Call Da Swanging Off In Teaxas Better ??? Da Term Of Flexin'

[Chorus x2: Paul Wall]

[Verse 2: Lil Wyte]

Naw Im Felxin In The Indian Section Everybody See Me Men

Claim Clane Rims Chppin Harder Then Some Razer Blades

Mempho Rep A Liquor Sippa Drunk Still Behind Da Wheel

Got A One Hitta Quitta An A Whole Lotta Still

Frayser Bound Bitch N My Redneck Spray My Wifs

Told Em Make It Look Delicious Make It Wet Make It Drift

See Me From A Mile Away Ear Me From The 3-0-4

I Got King-Kong In Da Trcuk Betting Up Da Floor

Im Flicking Shine And Lookin Good Feelin Even Better

Only Thing You Can Bring Me Half Down There Some Cloud Wheater

I Got Got Candy Drippin Drippin Looking Real Cousha

1000 Savor I Can Save Her Almost Taste As Good As Pussy
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