I Can Only Imagine Lyrics

Artist: David Guetta

David Guetta - I Can Only Imagine

Where you've been
Where you've been all my life
Baby this is it
The way you looking me like
Cause I'll be it
That I want something from you
You know what
What I wanna do, do, do
Every touch, it would bring me to life
I can only imagine, only imagine what it'd be like
Oh, everytime, it would bring me to life
What it'd be like, what it'd be like...
Saw you from afar
All say, what's up
You can tell me your name, where we're waking up
Then call me, don't ya, I'm good, I'm gucci
Now you can kiss old ring goodbye, smooches
You're a beast, you're a beauty
Now I think somebody didn't get a bit of usage, shoot me
You're a firework, riding in the dark
So let's turn off the lights
And give me the spark
I want your love
Why can't you feel free
I want you feel free

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