Oh_My_God Lyrics

Artist: Spearhead

Oh-my, oh- my God!
Out here mama the got us livin' suicide
singin' oh-my, oh-my God!
Out here mama the got us livin' genocide

Slam bam I come unseen
but like gasoline you van tell I'm in the tank
Like money in the bank
I smell appealing, but I'm toxic, can send ya reeling
without an inklin, keep ya thinkin'
'Cause you gave cash to the feds, left your school district for dead
fucked you up in the head, but still they sayin' nothin's wrong
Selling firewater but outlawing the bong
still believing the system is workin'
anonymous notes left in the pockets and coats
of judges and juries from 'Frisco to Jersey
Threats and protests politicinas mob debts
trumped up charges and phony arrests
Stage a lethal injection, th enight before the election
'cause he got donations from the prison guard's union


Listen in to my stethoscope on a rope
Internal lullabies, human cries
Thumps and silence, the language of violence
algorithmic, cataclysmic, seismic, biorhytmic
You can make a life longer, but how can you save it
You can make a clone and then try to enslave it
Stealin' DNA samples from the unborn
and then you comin' after us
'cause we sampled a James Brown horn
Scientists who's God is progress
a four-headed sheep is their latest project
The CIA runnin' like that Jones from Indiana
But they stil won't talk about that Jim Jones
People's Temple mass suicide in Guyana

This ain't no cartoon no one slips on bananas
Do you really think that that car killed Diana
Hell I shot Ronald Reagan, I shot JFK
I slept with Marylin Monroe she sung me happy birthday singin'


Well politicians got lipstick on the collar
the whole media started to holler
But I don't give a fuck who they screwin' in private
I wanna know who they screwin' in public
Robbin', cheatin',stealin', white collar criminal, McDonald eatin', you
deserve a beatin'
Send you home a wheepin', with a fat bill for your Carribean weekend
For just about anything they can bust us
false advertising sayin' ''halls of justice''
You tellin' the youth don't be so violent
then you drop bombs on every single continent
Mandatory minimum sentencin'
'cause he got caught with a pucket full of medicine
Do that again another ten up in the pen
I feel so mad I wanna bomb an institution singin'

repeat Chorus

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