Blow The Whistle Lyrics

Artist: Jay-Z

Hey nigga I was in Oakland, Oakland like Brooklyn
Short! Dog! Yay area!!!
They showed me so much love
when I was down there I had to get hyphy on this one
Uh! Ask my nigga Lebron!
We so big we ain't gotta respond
When you talkin to a don,
please have respect like your talkin to your mom
We let the money do the talkin
As you see we be talkin rather often chatterbox!
The ROC Boys in the buildin
Another hundred fifty million don't it sound like we yellin!!!
Who the fuck overrated!
If anything they underpaid him
Hatin that's only 'gon make him spend the night
Out of spite with the chick you've been datin
We the best of the best
We 'gon be here so the rest could take a rest
I gotta get this off my chest
No pause none of that shit, get off my dick!!!!
Hold up, I gotta keep it real
It's gonna take seven movies by Will
Seven movies by twenty mil'
and you still ten short from what I did with one deal DAMN!
Don't compare me to nobody
I'd rather not be mentioned, I'm offended
Unless you talkin some not-your-James-Dean or
John Lennon or or Jimi Hendrix
I'm just a rock star, BEEYITCH!!
Keep it real, you know I got y'all BEEYITCH!!
We ain't in the same league
You could lie to yourself, you can't lie to me uh-uh, uh-uh!
I don't even know y'all name
I'm too big for ya, the rap Lebron James

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