Swan Lyrics

Artist: Secret Garden

Lonely swan in the silver lake

You are drifting alone

Oh you know how a heart can break

When love has flown

When to some distance ocean crossed

Some mysterious sea,

Though a lover be ever lost

Love can not be

Silver swan by the shore

Lift your wings up and fly

Will you wait evermore

Let life pass you by?

You belong to the sun

You belong to the sky,

You have more than one song

To sing before you die

To the edge of the moon you’ll go

I would fly there with you

Where the tides of heaven flow,

Above the blue,

You are destined for highet ground

Not to linger with me

To the earth i am ever boung, eternally

We belong to the sun

We belong to the sky,

We have more than one song

To sing before we die
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