Do It Lyrics

Artist: Akon

Akon - Do It
LRC by lzh, from jiangxi pingxiang

Now you can blame it on the alcohol
You can blame it on your blonde...
Blame it on whatever you want
As long as you end up in the back seat of my car
Cause I already know who you are
You're the neighbourhood superstar
You got nothing to hide
Your dress is so tight
I can see what's up under that bra
You wanna give it to me
But you don't wanna say it out loud
You're talking to me in that body language
And you're telling me to get up out of this crowd
Now lil mama are you wit' it
I got the keys to the city
I wanna fuck you
And you wanna fuck me
Baby girl admit it
So let's just do it
Let's just do it
I ain't here to put a stack up
Cause my main girl is my back up
I ain't here to fall in love
Just tryin' to bust a nut real quick and get back up
I expect to get treated
The same way i'm treating you
Grind all my staff and take all my cash
Spend it all on you
I know how the game goes
Get what you pay for
Got a pocket full of money
Just waiting for you honey
Now go and get your back skirt
Cause I know you want it
But y

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