In My Business Lyrics

Artist: Gucci Mane

Gucci Mane Ft. Drake And Sean Garrett - In My Business
Lyrics by wenxuan001@MaxRNB
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Gucci Mane:
I'm so fucking dumb I wear diamonds on my thumbs,
there's a diamond on my dick so theres a diamond on her tongue,
i can't feel you baby cos I romantically numb,
emotionally drained I came here just so I can come,
theres nothing on the God son that I haven't done,
got a lot of problems, getting pussy just isn't one,
girls is like buses every 15 mins they run,
man they like potato chips I just cant have one,
and I might like you for a minute,
but I dont like your friends in my business,
and I feel like you don't deserve a visit,
cos you aint in the kitchen when you want a whipping,

uh, uh ahhhh,
I know you say you love me girl,
I know you say you love me girl,
problem is you prol tell that shit to everybody,
so we hear you talking booboo we just dont believe you,

uh, ok I'm all about it, all for it,
I'm allstar team Jordan, small forward,
I'm never putting up a shot unless it calls for it,
no hesitation so I'm shooting if i draw for it,
how how fuck is up, now man I'm in this hoe,
life is moving fast, where the fuck do all these minutes go,
mixtape dropped then I started getting 10 a show,
now I get a hundred what the fuck you think I'm in it for,
Young money forever, i bet Gudda, Jay and Mack agree,
fuck you to the haters that just spend their time attacking me,
shout out to your girlfriend nigga lately she distracting me,

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