How Sweet It Is Lyrics

Artist: James Taylor

talk to her
:voyage to india
india.arie - talk to her
when you talk to her talk to her
like you want somebody to talk to you mama
don't get smart with her have a heart to heart with her
just like you would with your daughter
cause everything you do or say
you gotta live with it everyday
she's somebody's baby
she's somebody's sista
she's somebody's mama
now when you got to her speak truthfully
be honest as you can be, from your heart
you're in a situation, where ya losing patience
take some time and look her in the eye
when you just can't find the words you want
and it's hard to reach the point
where you both can understand
don't just tell the truth
tell the whole truth
it'll make a better man outta you
it doesn't matter if she's wearin
a mini skirt or a business suit
whether she's 25 or 99
treat her the way your mama taught you to
she could be the queen of sheba
she could be a school teacher
home maker or a lawyer
i think it's good for your karma
life when...
now let's keep it real
nothing in this world could ever exist
without it's opposite
there has to be a sun and moon
a man and a woman
and that's just the way it is
humanity's lop sided
and everyone's fightin'
how do we restore the peace
mother earth is hurtin'
cause everyone is searchin'
for the feminine energy
watch your mouth, yeah yeah
when you talk to her talk to her
like you want somebody to talk to your mama
just like you fight for your sister
if you knew that somebody dissed her
how you gonna care for your daughter
turn around and talk bad about her mama
same way you listen to your auntie
never interupt while she speaks
make your words sweet like candy
as if you were talking to your granny yeah
if you really loved then say so
if you really needed then say so
you love the way she thinks say so
you love the way she speaks say so
when you need some good conversation say so
say so say so
if you want her in your life say so
you want her to be your wife say so
tell her she's your best friend say soalright
you'll be there to the end alrightsay so
if you're thinking about leaving say so
if you wonder where she's going say so
if you need to breathe with her say so
you just want to be with her say so
if you love her hair say so
if you wanted her say so
tell me if you really wanted her say so
you wanna slap her down say so
say so...

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