Everyday Lyrics

Artist: Bon Jovi

I used to be the kind of guy
Who'd never let you look inside
I'd smile when I was crying
I had nothing but a life to loose
Thought I had a lot to proof
In my life, there's no denying
Goodbye to all my yesterdays
Goodbye, so long, I'm on my way
I've had enough of cryin'
Bleedin', sweatin', dyin'
Hear me when I say
Gonna live my life everyday
I'm gonna touch the sky
I spread these wings and flying
I ain't here to play
I'm gonna live my life everyday

Change, everybody's feeling strange
Never gonna be the same
Makes you wonder how the world keeps turning
Life, learning how to live my life
Learning how to pick my fights
Take my shots while I'm still burning
Goodbye to all those rainy nights
Goodbye, so long, I'm moving on
Everyday hit the wheel
I just made myself a deal
There ain't nothing gonna get in my way

Goodbye, so long, I'm moving on
I, oh I, oh I,
I'm gonna live my life everyday
I gonna touch the sky,
Oh I spread these wings and fly,
Oh I
I'm gonna live my life everyday?

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