Juggalo Family Lyrics

Artist: Dark Lotus

J talking
Then they wanted to know if I would trade 10 Juggalos
for a hundred mainstream fans And I said I wouldn't trade
10 Juggalos for a hundred thousand mainstream fans,
10 Juggalos is priceless.

Blaze Ya Dead Homie
I gots love for my homies, members of the Lotus
United we stand, squashing all deadly forces
Been to Hell, could'a spent eternity there
All the bad shit I done, I should still be there
Juggalos can ya feel me world-wide! world-wide
Runnin' wit' a hatchet straight out the Lotus Pod
Always got your back, 'til the end, screaming Juggalos
Dark Lotus, Psychopathic thats the way it go

Monoxide Child
So many people in the matrix die alone, hey
Not me, my soul belongs to Juggalos, they
Keep me going when I'm, down and out
I pick the phone up, drop'em a line, and hear'em shout
Sayin' Twiztid is the shit and I'm down with the clown
Dark Lotus for life, until I'm dead in the ground
I give a depth to all my homies and killas who get it started
All my Juggalos always represent for the departed

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
Mass murder makes me happy!
Dead bodies make me happy!
Say what you will of me
I'll always have Juggalo Family!

Shaggy 2Dope
6 individual pedals formed from one stem
They try to ride the wave, and don't follow any trends no trends
'Cause we ascend from the dirt filth grit And grime
Make a bind, Juggalo minds to crush matrix shines
Whats your is mine and whats mines is yours
Let the wagons of the Dark Carnival show you different worlds
Any hoes front on Juggalos or the Hatchet
Tell'em come suck on your dick, we Psychopathic

Jamie Madrox
All my life i've been livin' it all alone
I'm like a king wit' no people and no crown or a throne
And what I'm speakin' on, is what I'm feeling like
Do you know what its like to feel the warmth of the sunlight
I'd really like to know 'cause i've been chillin' in the dark
For so many years that I question love in my heart
I hate everyone and I hate everything
Except for all the Juggalos and all the love that they bring! I love y'all


Let me get your ear, I'mamake myself clear
Its the L Family, Juggalos ride chair
you could take away my mic, you could take away this life
But the love that we got, it aint never gonna stop
We eternal, passed the surfeit bullshit whoo!
Dogs on another level, can you feel this
Its Twiztid, Blaze, and ICP
And if you fuckin' wit' my dawgs, boy you D-I-E

Violent J
If it wasn't for Shaggy, my shirt would still be baggy
I wouldn't be fat, i'd still be hungary and crabby
We used to buy our own records at the stores
So they would think it was a hot seller, and all the more
But we built a team of killers with the same dream
We couldn't reach the top, we stayed B-level like Charlie Sheen
Finaly realized, we'll always have the Juggalos
I'll never give another second to them other hoes!


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