Sexed Up Lyrics

Artist: Robbie Williams

Loose lips sunk ships
I'm getting to grips with what you said
No it's not in my head
I can't awaken the dead day after day
Why don't we talk about it
Why do you always doubt that there can be a better way
It doesn't make me wanna stay
Why don't we break up
There's nothing left to say
I've got my eyes shut
Praying they won't stray
And we're not sexed up
That's what makes the difference today
I hope you blow away
You say we're fatally flawed
Well I'm easily bored
Is that ok
Write me off your list
Make this the last kiss
I'll walk away
I'm only here don't shout it
Given time we'll forget
Let's pretend we never met
And when I'm sexed up
Screw you, I didn't like your taste
Anyway, I chose you
And that's all gone to waste it's Saturday
I'll go out
And find another you
Why don't we
Blow away

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