Misunderstood Lyrics

Artist: Robbie Williams

Trying to be misunderstood
But it doesn't do me any good
love the way they smiled at me
held their face for eternity
Now let them all fly off
When it comes down
it all comes down
And you will not be found
When it's over it's all over
Even if I make a sound
I'll be misunderstood
By the beautiful and good in this city
None of it was planned
Take me by the hand
Just don't try and ...understand
Just a product of my childhood
Still I find myself outside
You can't say I haven't tried
Perhaps I tried too hard
No excuses, I won't apologize
Or justify your lies
Come find me, tell them to me
Look me in the eyes
None of this was planned
Can't forgive, sorry to say
You don't know you're guilty anyway
Isn't it funny how we don't speak

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