Get Ready Lyrics

Artist: Sublime

Some folks say smoking herb is a crime,
if they catch you smokin they're bound to drop the dime
Insufferable informa crazy fools wait:
with their fingers crossed for you to break the rules
And in the evening when we try to jam,
we like the music loud in this here band
We let the bass line drop as loud as we can stand
Somebody always gotta turn informa for the man
I want to know right now is there one of you in the crowd
are you gonna call 911
and spoil all of my fun
You crazy fool i'm in the mood
Get ready come on now, load up the bong, crank up the song,
let the informa call 911
And when security police force want to arrive
Don't try to run, don't try to hide
just pull out the .9 pop in the clip
and let one slip into these crazy fools

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