Down South Camp Meetin' Lyrics

Artist: Sublime

Saints and sinners, come one, come all
have a little revival
Losers, winners, answer my call
cause right now the tent's up
really it is
The word's out -
truly, it is
An' has been since the dawn
hear me tell ya
The call's out
really it is
An' we're 'bout
tendin' t'biz
To git this meetin' on - hear me tellin' you
Brothers n' sisters who want to repent
that's right!
You'll find what you've been lookin' for right here in the tent

Cheryl's solo:
Lend an ear an' you'll see
cause when it comes t' needin' savin' ain' nobody
Knows it better than me
I was so low that i know that only a miracle like this is
The only way t' heavenly bliss

It's really the truth, lawdy, i know it
I know it 'cuz i been taken through it
Now the spirits in me an' allowed the lord
T'win me, i can testify to it

Sweet, sweet the angel's song
Sweet the feelin' i been searchin' for
For ever so long
I never again imagine livin' life
Like i was livin' when i lived wrong

Git ready
Here they come! the choir's all set
Be steady
See the people fillin' them pews
Be willin'
To announce without a regret
It's thrillin'!
Tell the world the wonderful news

Folks are troopin' in from far 'n near
F' news that they can hardly wait to hear
They're nearly starved 'cause they're waitin'
For food for the soul, yeah

Starved 'cause they're waitin' for what will not grow old

Preacher's openin' up the book
He's gonna pause awhile an' take a look
'n then he'll start tellin' everyone
'jes how t' do, yeah

Start tellin' everyone jus' what's true, yeah

Sister emmy lou done gone t' shoutin'
An jumpin' 'cause she feels the spirit
The congregation's stompin' it's feet
An' everybody's movin' outta their seat
They really gonna get this meetin' on
An' praise the lord until the dawn

yeah - hear that preacher spread the word
hear that preacher
'cause its the greatest word you ever heard
He's our teacher
When he says i'm callin' sinners right now you hear
I'm callin' sinners right to me
When ol' satan grabs your soul
When he grabs you
It takes the lord's true word to break his hold,
Trouble nabs you
So i say, you got to listen mostly to me.
You got to listen closely.

Don't let the devil catch y' nappin'
Gotta' keep the vigil every minute
Or the devil surely git you

watch your step 'n how you act
Watch what you do
Mister scratch is here, an' that's a fact
He wants you too
If anyone can stop him, i can
That's why i'm the preacher man

We hear the word
We hear your voice
We know there really isn't any other choice

Head f'heaven t'day
we're on the gospel train
We can show you the way
relieve all strain
Leave your cares and your woes
Heaven knows
Y' dodge that devil in his fine fancy clothes
Come git aboard
we still got space
Hear the word of the lord
we saved your place
Save your soul while y'can
Sinner man
Git on as fast as you can


You've heard the sermon sublime
Down south camp meetin' time!

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