Keepin It Gangsta Lyrics

Artist: Fabolous

feat. Jadakiss, M.O.P., Paul Cain, Styles
[Jadakiss] D-Block
[Styles] True indeed
[J] Double R
[S] Yes, true indeed
[J] Desert Storm
[S] True indeed
Sheek Lu' where you at
[S] True indeed
Haha, You know how we doin' baby

[Jadakiss] Styles
Keepin' it Gangsta, uh, yeah, uh, yeah, uh, yo
How many men could you kill Let me count all the bullets I got
Many bricks could move, you can say 20 a block
Many niggas'll ride you could fill a football field
How much money you got You think I signed a football deal
My nigga give me the word, I'm gonna kill that lane
You know major league niggas play the kidnap game
Have the kid missin' for days, listen and pray
And I'm kill 6 of your niggas, 6 different ways
And we still got exza of rhymes Still gangsta
Try to run up on the guy, that send your legs to your mom
And we still got kilos of coke
Ruff Ryders to the death, ride or die nigga we know the oath
That's why I'm tryin' to send this metal through your head
Cause you got me curious, you probably look better when your dead
Nine by the spine, 5th in the holst
Scum bag it's them D-Block boys, daddy kissin' the ghost
Comin' through like the Matrix in the A-6
Triple black leather, six-speed, with the gray stick
Give me the safe, I spit at your face
Double clip in your mug, then have SP hit it wit mase
And we just caught burners and do me I'll say this
Your little niggas lookin' up to me like the walls in Green Haven
Keep heat and we shank ya, rob ya and say thank ya
Now that's keepin' it gangsta keepin' it gangsta

[Chorus - Fabolous]
Ya'll know who
Keepin' it Gangsta
We come through
Keepin' it Gangsta
Ya'll know how we do
Keepin' it Gangsta
My whole crew
Keepin' it Gangsta

[Fabolous] Paul Cain
Yeah, ok, uh, yeah, uh, yo
We your favorite gangstas, favorite gangstas do better both
Before these slugs sink hitters, weighs like anchors
We don't own clean guns all our skets is dirty
I toss bullets, New York niggas gel like Testaverde
I don't keep the scope on the ratchet
And for the dope I'm gonna catch it
Make sure the joint ain't point blank so they can't open your casket
My whole crew got glocks on 'em
In a hurry to shoot, like they put shot clocks on 'em
All that gossip we blast, better see if they possibly has
A V12 ambulance that will get you to a hospital fast
We done came out the cages in shackles
I'm loadin' up gauges to whack you
We been riding together
And us back and forth, it's like puttin' Saddam Hussein and Bin Laden together
Soon as you get a crumb, they wanna bury ya
That's why I travel with a semi, like Eddie in Coming to America
Silencers, it sound like it's hummin' when I'm airin' ya
Won't know you hit, 'til your body start numbin' in that area
The kids don't want to see the toast of mom and daddy
Plus we rather be roastin' Charming fatties
In a toasted armor Caddy
And we come through, with chains glisten and thangs spittin'
Hollow shots'll leave your brain missin'
Ghetto F A B and Paul Cain nigga
We gettin heaps of complaints for Keepin' it Gangsta Keepin' it Gangsta


[Billy Danze]
Hey yo, we represent them down ass niggas OK
M.O.P. OK, rip rounds at you clown ass niggas ALL DAY
B Day nigga get up off snooze *snoring noise*
Don't make me put your gangsta on the 6 o'clock news
You ride in a what what's up, don't get it fucked up
Or twisted, cause you'll get it twisted and fucked up
And die in that truck
be cautious when your walkin' through, be careful who you talkin' too, comes the boom
It's the livest motherfuckers of the century
You niggas is killin' me, you got to be kiddin' me ah ha ha
Ain't nobody takin' it and makin' it
Extra like dust, throwin' they ass on the record and bless it like Gus
NOW now about them weak flows, keep those, we eat those
As far as meat goes, we keep those, the street knows
The MO MO P is what's up
We in the cut, Brownsville is heatin' it up COME ON

{Lil' Fame]
Yo your ego, why still spit lines that your bitch
Play C low, and spit four five's at your six
Ya'll don't really wanna lose your life
So I'm gonna smack flames out ya, pick ya money up and roof ya dice
Yo, you done know were we from FROM soldier, come COME soldier
Jump JUMP soldier, you been found and your whip's slumped over
With your gangsta ass, dead and your gone
Iced out, chain out, with ya brains out, head on your horn *horn noise*
You YOU know KNOW, who WHO be Keepin' it Gangsta
With a truck full of goons that fakesta
And the Brownsville niggas from the past
That run up, put a hammer to ya gut, and tell ya drop it in the bag
You gangsta, Paul whatever haha, cause for real if I ever ever what
Ever ever catch yo ass flippin', I'm gonna pop a collar BOOM
Woo mack and when your bitch holla


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