The One I Love Lyrics

Artist: The Rasmus

Haven't slept in a week
My bed has become my coffin
Cannot breath, cannot speak
My head's like a bomb, still waiting
Take my heart and take my soul
I don't need them anymore

The one I love
Is striking me down on my knees
The one I love
Drowning me in my dreams
The one I love
Over and over again
Dragging me under

Hypnotized by the night
Silently rising beside me
Emptiness, Nothingness
Is burning a hole inside me
Take my faith and take my pride
I don't need them anymore

This bed has become my chapel of stone
A garden of darkness to where I'm trown
So take y life, I don't need it anymore

Over and over and over and over again...

-= The Rasmus - The One I Love =-

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