Off The Chain Lyrics

Artist: Selena Gomez The Scene

Selena Gomez - Off The Chain
LRC by lzh, from jiangxi pingxiang

Twisted; you've shaken my existence
When I'm with you, baby
Bliss is all I've come to know
Running; I didn't see it coming
Blinded; it's so stunning
I don't wanna let you go
A thousand church bells ringing
I can hear the angels singing
When you call my name
Your love is off the chain
The chemistry is crazy
And you make me feel amazing
And I can't explain
Your love
Your love, your love
Coming, just keep the magic coming
You got me, baby, crushing
But it feels like so much more
Just when I, when I least expect it
You make it feel so epic
Like nothing I've felt before
I'm not the type who gets crazy for someone
... me, tripping next to nothing
Guarding my heart like a diamond ring
But love, your love changes everything
Everything is changed, everything is changed
Everything is changed
Now everything is changed
Your love, your love, your love, love

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