In Da Club Lyrics

Artist: Lil Jon

feat. Ludacris, R. Kelly

[R. Kelly]
Hey, hey, boom boom, hey hey, boom boom
hey hey, boom boom, hey hey, boom boom

What are we doing tonight baby
'Bout to roll up to this club
'Bout to step up in this club
'Bout to get big in this club
'Bout to get wild in this club

[Verse 1 - R. Kelly]
Now we about to show ya how wild it gets
When a girl at the party when she *unclear*
Now this girl dance fiftee 'cause she passionate
If I ask for some chips, then she stalking me
She don't mean no introduction, she's a diamond of daw
And I don't mean no janet, other way she mocking the flow
Tattoo on her backs and ready to go
Man this girl must get pimped away I'm ready too hoe
I'm going to take you out to ghetto girl around the globe
We can the kitchen door so *unclear*
In the chumps we chilling in some hotel room
I put her towels on her body and massage her toes
There ain't nothing like some sex on a friday night
But then again nothing like some sex in any night
After that gotta go got appointments girl
I'm a doctor, I got other clients girl
Now listen up close, I won't say it again
Skip a dog your cat is a man's best friend
Lil' Jon and Luda on the first paced like
from ATL we about to get it crunk tonight
Where we going

'Bout to roll up to this club
'Bout to step up in this club
'Bout to get big in this club
'Bout to get wild in this club

[Verse 2 - Ludacris]
Hey Kelly!
Oh damn! There go expensive Chris
At the bar behind all the most expensive shit
And his car always got the most expensive kit
So his gun always got the most extended clip
Hey! Luda Luda, I'm built to last
Nicknamed of a barrow and I'm build to blast
Since your girl ain't a freak, well you gotta convince me
Cause I'm all up in the pimp getting straight lewinsky
And smoking some of that kill billton
Me and my fucker I'm still thrill
Can't party with the women that like it deep
Refuse to cut my hair like Michael fist
Dirty word even judges say the burns are dirty
We the reason that the clubs start closing early
Walk up and watch the crowd start moving quick
And I ain't gotta pay the DJ to play my shit


[Verse 3 - Lil' Jon]
Yeah, hey, hey, hey
Will the bull pimp come man I'm sloppy drunk
I don't broke into club it's the king of crunk
Let the anal way find, and I'ma put more flow
Throw some ass in my lap and I'm good to go
I spread a shined out bottle, crack a beer
While the ladies are all robbing my neck and beard
No need to even ask it, who's the boss
When the dreadlocks slam and the roof come off
The crunk juice got me up all night shit
And in last year making that bite shit
Not an essay calling me Loc De Niro
Stunned with my hell day, Oaklezero
Fresh by the front and I'm ready to blast
Got the dog but I knew my had to lie ok
BME turn millionaire, and we all like 'what what, yeah'


[Verse 4 - R. Kelly]
90 other times I would say it's over
Since the party so laugh, I can keep it going
Shit don't stop till 6 in the morning
Come 7 o'clock a nigga still ain't yawning
Baby girl leaving now on her toes
Hangover, wait a minute girl you leaving your cloth
And tickets gonna sell for a major show
If yousa a hater at the booth and the booth is closed
And move out the way I'm a Luda fan
Up north, dirty south, west eastside man
All strippers in the club stand up right now
We wanna see you shake your booty in the place right now
Where we going


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