Cold_As_Ice Lyrics

Artist: Foreigner

Tech N9ne - Cold As Ice
Lyrics by wenxuan001@MaxRNB
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He is cold as ice, He is cold as ice Celcius
He is cold as ice, He is cold as ice Celcius
He is cold as ice, He is cold as ice Celcius
He is cold as ice, He is cold as ice Celcius

Underrated long awaited everybodoy feel me when i made it
They debated could'nt faded niggas even tried to imitate it
Do you really wanna make ninna hit 'cha with one of these killa flows
Everybody know i got the kinda scripts that'll make a demon catch a cold
Got the money got tha power
6 hooks wet up in tha shower
With the cleana Tecca Ninna
Cold when im bustin at tha cowards
When I finish droppin this freeze out send em to the acropolis
Hail to the pop in this when the villians mobbin is marvelous
When me lay me head in Les Misarables Killa
With the backwards this I be the god Zilla
My zero degrees makin 'em freeze with love of a millimeter gun
Servants in the back keep bringin me spoo d's with 151
Hella choices of women
Take 'em to the room drop the semen
Have the little one show 'em how to power bomb demons
My flow'll find the temper in ya, wimper in ya
I'm too cold so dont even botha takin my temperata, nigga

I am cold as ice
I am cold as ice Celcius
He is cold as ice
He is cold as ice Celcius
Freeze me with your
Ice Ice baby

Yo the evils gonna get triple teamed
I freeze demons till they brittle ice cold lyrical prodigy
Your life is but a triple beam

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