Shake Shake Shake Lyrics

Artist: Shaggy

Shaggy - Shake Shake Shake

Move to this, let me see you jump and twist
Pump your fist 'cause you know it's hard to resist
As long you know you're rollin' with the love
Feel the pow, let me put the groove in your hips
The night is young, so let's go roll with the fun
You got some gun, check it out, gimme some
'Cause I'm about to play an old girl like a drum
She shackatack, poor soul settle down
Girl, what you gon' do with all that body
{Shake it up all night}
Careful with that thing before you hurt somebody
{Tell me what you like}
Do it, baby
Let's dance, let's shout {Shout}
Shake your body down to the ground
Gotta holla' to my fellas who be hangin' by the
Bathroom door
Waitin' for the honeys dance in the dance floor
Push up and get the niggas y'all ready for the score
Now who's the dog, you're the one that sung hardcore,
Come on
I gotta take this part to a new high
Keep it tight, ain't got no time no fight
You wanna be a player, better know to do it right
Kissin' all the honeys under the disco light
Let 'em know????????????

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