Night Of Your Life Lyrics

Artist: David Guetta

David Guetta - Night Of Your Life Feat. Jennifer Hudson
Jennifer Hudson
Boy I see ya, looking at me
I feel your eyes on me, like you gotta have me
Watching every move, like it's for you
You can't help it, you're attracted like a magnet
My love ain't easy
You gon' have to put in some work
You can't buy me a drink, thinking I'mma fall for your flirt
You gotta make it right
If you wanna go spend some time
You gotta raise the bar tonight

Love me, baby treat me right
Make it eternity and not only one night
If you love me til the end of time
Then I will promise you the night of your life
So now love me, baby treat me right
And we'll be riding it from morning til midnight
Night of your life, life, life
I could have ya, if I wanted to
Down on one knee, in front of me where them bells ringing
I could claim ya, be your savior
Wrap your heart inside of these arms and you'll never leave
I could have your hands tied, round my body all up on me
Boy you'll be stuck to me, if I wanted with no release
I'll have you begging, wishing now I give a piece
Baby you'll never be the same
Taller than a mountain, deeper than the sea
You're boiling hot for me babe, one hundred degrees
I want you to love me like your favorite

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