Little_Bad_Girl Lyrics

Artist: David Guetta

David Guetta - Little Bad Girl Feat. Feat. Taio Cruz And Ludacris
Oh yeah they tell me I'm a bad boy
All the ladies look at me and act coy
I just like to put my hands up in the air
I want that girl dancing over there

Look at her go on the dance floor
She's amazing on the dance floor
When she moves, girl, I want more
Keep it going, girl, like I got an encore
You got me sayin'
Go little bad girl, little bad girl
Go little bad girl
Tell me I'm a bad boy,
Shaking her ass from the left to the right
Moving it round just the way that I like
I wanna see you move like a movie on flight
You got it how I want and I want it all night
Go little bad girl, little bad girl
Go little bad girl let's go
She got my heart jumping
And my adrenaline pumpin' and gunnin'
Like ain't nobody ever seen seen...
As a matter of fact I've seen this woman all up in my dreams
Whippin' and flippin' and stackin' and slappin'
I'm attacking after she back it up and make it drop
Keep it goin' you never know when somebody's gonna throw a couple dollars
Got a pocket full of hundred dollar bill's Ludacris mr. make-a-woman-hollar
And every night on the floor putt

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