Till I Get There File Lyrics

Artist: Lupe Fiasco

I'mma ho, whole word on hold
The crowd is like ho!, operator's like hold
Man, now ain't that cold
I'm just trying to talk to my homie, that's something to hold
Homegirl ain't trying to be a hole, even though she on a pole
Can she get a second chance NO!
Whoa! Like the opposite of gold
That's how it's supposed to be: a butterfly
For the sake of rhyming let's just say butterflyee
The truth stings like Muhammad Ali
I tell 'em tell 'em don't homocide me
I just a little old hope with his back against the ropes
Fighting for his fans and, fighting for his folks
But the boo's from the crowd they become so loud
If I could block em out then, I could knock em out then
Dance around the ring, but until then I'll say

I'mma keep it cool, and I'mma do me
It is what it is and that's how it's gon' be
Until I get there
Until I get there
And yeah I got flaws, I know I'm not perfect
But all ups and downs, will soon be worth it
When I get there
When I get there

Doctor doctor please! The fame ain't painless enough
That's cause you ain't famous enough
You got a little game, but your name ain't ringing enough
He said take 2 of these and put change in my cup
I said I wasn't poor, he gave me some more
Grabbed me a publicist and pointed me to the door
Out! Ouch.. I'm telling you this all from a therapist's couch
Tell me about your mother What she's all about
Prescribed me an interview and then told m

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