Express Yourself Mix Lyrics

Artist: Madonna

Come on girls
Do you believe in love
cause I got something to say about it
And it goes something like this
Dont go for second best baby
Put your love to the test
You know, you know, youve got to
Make him express how he feels
And maybe then youll know your love is real
You dont need diamond rings
Or eighteen karat gold
Fancy cars that go very fast
You know they never last, no, no
What you need is a big strong hand
To lift you to your higher ground
Make you feel like a queen on a throne
Make him love you till you cant come down
Long stem roses are the way to your heart
But he needs to start with your head
Satin sheets are very romantic
What happens when youre not in bed
You deserve the best in life
So if the time isnt right then move on
Second best is never enough
Youll do much better baby on your own
Express yourself
Express himself
Hey, hey, hey, hey
So if you want it right now, make him show you how
Express what hes got, oh baby ready or not
And when youre gone he might regret it
Think about the love he once had
Try to carry on, but he just wont get it
Hell be back on his knees
To express himself
Hey hey
So please
So you can respect yourself
Hey, hey
So if you want it right now, then make him show you how

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