October Road Lyrics

Artist: James Taylor

James Taylor - October Road

Well I'm-a going back down maybe one more time
Deep down home, October Road
And I might like to see that little friend of mine
That I left behind once upon a time
Oh, promised land and me still standing
It's a test of time
It's a real good sign

Let the sun run down right behind the hill
I know how to stand there still till the moon rise up
Right behind the pine, oh lord
October road……

It's the big-time life that I can't abide
Raise my rent, tan my hide.
Sweet call of the countryside
Go down slow, open wide.
I did my time
And it changed my mind
I'm satisfied Oh.
I got so low down, fed up
My god, I could hardly move
Won't you come on, my brother
Get on up and help me find my groove

Keep me walking, October road.
Keep me walking in the sunshine, yeah
A little friend of mine
October roadhelp me now


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