Heaven Lyrics

Artist: Yasuharu Takanashi

If Heaven was a mile away
Would I pack up my bags and leave this world behind
If Heaven was a mile away
Or save it all for you
If Heaven was a mile away
Would I, fill the tank up with gas and be out the front door in a FLASH
Before reconsidering, this Hell with you
It ain't you it's the things you do do
It's tearing my heart in two
I would of fell with you
To Hell with you

If Heaven was a mile away
And you could ride by the gates
Would you try to run inside when it opens would you try to die today
Would you pray louder finally believing His power
Even if you couldn't see, but you could feel would you still doubt him
How would you start acting
Would you try to put the ki's down
Thinking every drug sell that you make in the streets He can see now
Would a fiend even want to get high, would he stop smoking
If he knew on his own two feet he could just stroll in
To get away and escape from the craziness
And I bet you there's a Heaven for an atheist
It's hard taking this
Racist planet where they take another brother in a handcuff
Even if he innocent nigga get on the car put your motherfucking hands up
Thinking I'm a lose it
My mom's in chemo
Three times a week, yo keep trying but people
Is hard and God your young soldier's not so bold
But needs you
This world's my home but world I would leave


Nigga what you think I'ma stop building
I'ma stop feeling like I'm Amistad's great great grandchildren
How I'm not gonna want to make millions
Since the quarter water days in the hallways making fake coke
Pass with the Reeses Pieces wrapper in my mouth all day
But then my style has quite a while that same type as Ill and Al Skratch
Game time to them cats never looked back Cristal blowing dub sacks
That's when it all just hit me
You see the broads and Bentleys is nothing less my nigga spend it all with me
I'd give it all away quickly
Just to hear them all I'd buy some new kicks free of any autographs so
not to be recognized forgive me
It's becoming unbearable
Making hits is easy
Put a famous bitch on the hook there you go with a platinum CD
I know you heard the noise
Preachers touching on altar boys
Sodomizing not realizing God is watching before the Lord
How can they do the devil's work
A man giving another man head in church
Hell it hurts just to fathom the thought wishing that I fled the Earth.


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Artist: Yasuharu Takanashi

Title: Heaven

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