Hello-A Lyrics

Artist: Mouth Macneal

I understand that all mencan't be the samebut the way you treated me when we met was more than strange. I could not care less the only thingthat counts is the factthat for bad manners I've got you in exchange. Hello-ahello-acan't you seehello-ahello-awhat I feel hello-ahello-acome my wayhello-ahello-abless the day. Hoemahoemahoema hoemahoemahoema hoemahoemahoema-ay. But don't you think
I would do this once again
I agree I trappedstill I would say it's not the way but i just don't need don't do this all again now I got you I'm your manyou won't hear me say again: Hello-ahello-a
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Artist: Mouth Macneal

Title: Hello-A

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