These Walls Lyrics

Artist: Hanson

Hanson - These Walls
LRC by lzh, from jiangxi pingxiang

These walls are too hard to climb
And that ladder is too hard to find
I don't wanna be here anymore
These roads are too hard to walk
With the things you've been saying
I don't even wanna talk
I don't wanna wind up on the floor
I don't wanna be here, anymore
A fair amount of disbelief
These walls are killing me
Speak your mind
Speak your peace
I swear, we're sinking deep
And I don't wanna wind up on the floor
The sky is falling all over again
Just another day's conclusion
Another disillusion
Am I losing my composure'
Way too much exposure to compromise
I can't take all these walls
You been yelling up to the red
But you've haven't heard a word I said
Give it all you got, can be bittersweet
You think everyone's beneath your feet
Well, I don't wanna wind up on the floor
Hey, well, I can't take on these walls
They're too hard to climb
These walls
Well, I can't take on these walls
I can't take on these walls

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