Let's Go Get Stoned Lyrics

Artist: Sublime

I swear sometimes your taking me for granted.
I swear sometimes that your a whore.
I swear but i know there ain't no reason
'cuz everything is such a bore

Last night i had a dream,
Lord it made me sick,
Saw you in your bedroom suckin' someone elses dick
my goodness!

My friends all laughed,
Said it was my fault,
Said it's time that it happened to me,
But i know that the show was much more than a blow,
So i'm waiting for the tide to get low,
Waiting for the tide to get low

damn, now lick my balls
the rhythm, the rebel
the young hefer
the rhythm, the rebel
i said suck the mother fucker, your bitin' it, shit!

If i was an ant crawlin' upon the wall,
Tell me baby,
Would it make no difference at all
If i was a roach on a tree tell me,
Would you smoke me

Bright lights put me in trance
But it ain't house music,
Makes me wanna dance,

I don't gamble but i bet
I'm gonna die if i don't get a cigarette,
Just because i always play the mac
Put the monkey on my back,


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