Juicy Lyrics

Artist: Pretty Ricky

See the lust in your eye
I know you cant hide it
And your walk and your vibe
Make me wanna try it
Like a 'lac spinning rims
I love it when you ride it
You a stallion baby
You know you got body

You workin' that thang
You twurkin' that thang
I love them g-strings
It's just a G'-thang
I'm twurkin' that thang
I'm murkin' that thang
Still strokin' that thang
It's just a G'-thang

Can you make it juicy for me
Or I can make it juicy for you
You get sweaty for me
And I can get sweaty for you
[Repeat 2X]

Now,I'm a passionate lover
That like passionate sex
Butt-naked in the classroom
On the teacher's school desk
Triple X rated
Call me Slick-Em hound
I get that body wet
And then I lick 'em down
I'm on point
And best believe I aint no teaser
I wanna get deep and a little bit of deep and a little bit of deeper
Sweeping you off your feet
Like a rake
Talking 'bout Slick-Em wait
Naw I aint stopping
Till I feel the backboard break

I'll be yo lover man
Yo special lover man
And I'll do anything
That u want me to do
Plus more and more
Now if you want me to rub u down
Massage your body
Cuz you feeling sore
Then baby just close the door
And let me take control
I'll be the man of your dreams
Better yet your superman
Take you places you never been
So close you can call us kin
Cuz you got that juicy
And I love your body next to me
I sweat for you
So sweat for me



[Baby Blue]
You so juicy you know where
And I wanna put my you know what
Down there
I got a fetish for pulling hair
Crushed in my fingertips
Wanna caress your hips
Rub my lips against your lips
Oo Baby come closer to me
Express your emotions to me
Wanna press my body against yours
Feel the sweat coming from our pores
I'm pushing harder inside ya
Forget mine girl get yours
You so juicy for me
And I'm so juicy for you
Aint no better feeling
Than me inside you

I'm tasting every drop
Wanna get that candy shop
I'll lick your lollipop
I'll put that thing on lock
I'll let you climb on top
And let that nookie pop
I'm in the cookie jar
I aint no rookie girl


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