Misunderstood Lyrics

Artist: Bon Jovi

Should I Could I
Have said the wrong things right a thousand times
If I could just rewind
I see it in my mind
If I could turn back time
You cried, I died
I should have shut my mouth
Things headed south
As the words slipped off my tongue
They sounded dumb
If this old heart could talk
It'd say you're the one
I'm wasting time when I think about it
I should have drove all night
I would have run all the lights
I was misunderstood
I stumbled like my words
Did the best I could
Damn, misunderstood
Could I Should I
Apologize for sleeping on the couch that night
Staying out too late with all my friends
You found me passed out in the yard again
You cried, I tried
To stretch the truth, but didn't lie
It's not so bad when you think about it
Intentions good
It's you and I, just think about it...
I'm hanging outside your door
I've been here before
I stumbled like my words
Did the best I could
Damn, misunderstood
Intentions good.?

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