Cannon Lyrics

Artist: Damien Rice

feat. Detroit Red, Freeway, Juice, Lupe Fiasco

[Lil Wayne]
Howdy do motherfuckers it's Weezy baby
Niggaz bitchin and I gotta toke the Cannon
Listen close I got duct tape and rope
I'll leave you missin like the fuckin O' Banas
One hand on my money, one hand on my buddy
That's that AK-47 made his neighborhood love me
bullets like birds you can hear them bitches hummin
Don't let that bird shit, he got a weak stomach
niggaz kno I'm sick I don't spit I vomit, got it
One egg short of the omelette
Simon says, shoot a nigga in his thigh and leg
Then tell him ketch up like mayonaisse

I'm the sickest nigga doin it
bet that baby
These other niggaz dope I'm wet crack baby, yes
get back get back boy its a set back
clumsy ass niggaz slip and fall into a death trap
Them boys pussy, born without a back bone
And if you strapped we can trade like the dow jones
wet him up, I hope he got his towel on
I aim at cha moon, and get my howl on
Some niggaz cry wolf, I'm on that dry kush
And when it comes to that paper I stack books
you heard what I said
I can put you on your feet or put some money on your head
life ain't cheap
you're better off dead if you can't pay the fee
Shoutout my nigga fee
See every motherfucker at the door don't get a key
you outside lookin in, so tell me what you see
its about money its bigger than me
I told my homies don't kill him bring the nigga to me, yea
Don't miss, you fuckin wit the hitmen
kidnap a nigga make him feel like a kid again

Bridge x2
Straight up, I ain't got no conversation for ya
Nigga talk to the Cannon
Have a few words wit the Cannon
Tell it to my motherfuckin Cannon

From Philly to where I'm landin ima Cannon
And I'm on that Philly fightin shit
Then I come fully equipped
you try me get body and shotti in the whip
if a nigga try to stick me ima blam him
Single on them da da them and free got the butters

got the greedy got the chan got the whole enchilada
Homie kno I'm inside of your house
Tie up your brother
make the prick call up your mother

She might kno where to find you
I am

On top of my job
The heavyweight champ of the flow
its flow like the ocean; open water you drownin
I will four pound 'em

And sink 'em heat 'em and leave 'em stinkin
Sharks surround 'em and eat 'em nice to know 'em
I will

roll over ya squad like I'm a punch card
you chumps you best call general motors
I will take control of your soldiers
you won't listen til I toss 'em in the wok like chicken

[Lupe Fiasco]
A yo

A yo
I make it hard for rap niggaz I'm peer pressure
matter fact I'm motivation to rap better
I show niggaz how to act how to dress better
I stay fresh more fitted caps than bat catchers
I'm the crack

The smack

The gun the rule

The gat the strap

The gun the tool

Tha motherfuckin Cannon
Other words I'm the real for real
we can go check for check or bill for bill
we can go chick for chick or skill for skill
The deal is sealed
niggaz ain't real as will

cuz ima Cannon
And I handle well pedal like cannon dell
And I got the 50 cal mag its a handheld Cannon
I'm tellin you niggaz

I pop put a shell in you niggaz
ma nice watch'll helen keller you niggaz
I got whores in the cannon camcorder bendin ova
blowin gam by the quarter weed ova in the rover nigga
ha ha ha ha

[Detroit Red]
yea yea

Detroit red gettin change like them white folks
Dump it out the window of the range wit the rifle
Pain like a bitch the first day of her cycle
you betta scurry when I pull the Cannon
Straps burn the streets like a truck through the gas
I love head and caressin a voluptuous ass
I ask your baby momma is she up to the task
She like damn red its bigger than a Cannon
ma attire makes the ladies say your man is too fly
imported oils from Iran and Dubai
get caught slippin wit ya mans and you die
where I'm from niggaz be quick to squeeze the Cannon
Detroit red always got some shit for ya ear
Show me love but keep it movin man cause if you get near
I'll say get off my dick and tell ya bitch to come here
cuz you sweatin me and my DJ Todd Cannon

legs spread far out, you kno how I'm standin
yea I'm posted wit the big homie Cannon
I got niggaz who don't like rap lovin our shit
we got niggaz who was stuck on Pac bumpin our shit
These niggaz can't see me like I ain't been around lately
A good battle when they at the mound its gravy
niggaz salty I'm Peppa
no spinderella, just a cigerella
Filled wit tropicana
yea Vic found that nigga and we ain't smokin no more regular
keep ya midgrade I don't think you kno no betta
They lovin the trunk now they wanna hear mo shit
I play it modest like nigga thats some of our old shit
got niggaz I ain't neva met wantin to fight me
got hoes thats in love askin why you don't like me
bitch I'm married to the game and I love my wifey
Steppin ova competition man I love these Nikes
I'm hot, they fa
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