Fingertips Live Lyrics

Artist: Stevie Wonder

will be yours

will be yours
nananananana nanananana
all that you want, will be yours
look here now, read my lips
focus on my fingertips
understand, these open hands
i give to you, all that's true
sail away and free your ghost
give to whom you love the most
give away and you'll believe
all good things, you'll receive
the more you give, the more you get
always try, not to forget
so give it all away, hey...
if i'm the one, you looking for
then open up that bolted door
let me in and lead me through
you know, i'll do the same for you
step by step, you'll be aware
heart to heart, if truth is there
now give away and you believe
open up your life and look at me now
see the one who loves you
for the one you really are
i've been waiting for so long
for this love to come my way
all good things come to those who wait
all that you want

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