School Lyrics

Artist: Supertramp

I can see you in the morning When you go to school
Don't forget our books, You know you've got to learn the golden rule.
Teacher tells you Stop your play and go on with your work,
And be like Johnnie Toogood.
Don't you know he never shrinks, he's coming along
After school is over Your playing in the park,
Don't be out too late Don't let it get too dark.
They tell you not to hang around And learn what life's about
And grow up just like them, Won't let you work it out
And you're full of doubt
Dont do this and dont do that
What are they trying to do
make a good boy of you Do they know where its at
Dont criticise, theyre old and wise
Do as they tell you to
Dont want the devil to
Come out and put your eyes
Maybe I'm mistaken Expecting you to fight
Or maybe I'm just crazy I don't know wrong from right.
But while I'm still living I've just got this to say
It's always up to you, if you want to be that,
Want to see that, want to see it that way.
You're coming along

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