Now Or Never Lyrics

Artist: Big L

It's time to make power moves and get the chedda
And buy the real nice things that makes life better
No foolish acts, moves must be clever
I'm down for whatever, I gotta blow son, it's now or never

[Verse 1]
I walk through the ruggedest blocks with jewels flooded with rocks
Hustlin' on hot corners that be smuggled with cops
I was sworn for harlem, true roach don
Word bond, we leave mics torn
Y'all brothers slept too long, now it's on
L Corleone will neva fly, records are forever hot
Front on me, you better not
I keep the barreta cocked
This goes out to my people's up town
Downtown, mid town, across town, and outta town
You see me flossin often, at all the club sites
At the bars buyin crystalls like they bud lights
My style is hard like strong lumber
Dime pieces get the digits, chicken heads get the wrong number


[Verse 2]
Yo I announce spacks
Droppin lethal raps on wax so I can count stacks
I keep a heavy knot, got a spot on every block
Hunnies that's very hot and sent to the mary yacht
95' was a beautiful year for L
Now I'm back and all the ladies still cheer for L
Whatever I write is gonna be tight
Cos if makin' hits is wrong I don't wanna be right
Never the less, the East is were my crew rest
We bust caps that go through vests
We only do what we do best
And that's triple than you riddle men
Since you wanna play rough, then say hello to my little friend

[Chorus] {X2}

[Verse 3]
I like drop tops when it's hot
I like lambs when it's snowy
Bank account is fat like Joey
I'm not very religious, you wouldn't call me holy
Sometimes my hairs grow long, sometimes it's froly
Spark up the you know what, pop the moey
L stay flossin, presidential doughly
Y'all brothers know me, I step in parties with mints and fly links
Shorties hittin me with eyewinks as I buy drinks
And every girl I got looks like a model
If you ever see me with a chicken then she must of a hit the lotto
Uptown is my home, and where I roam
I stand alone, Big L Cornleone got a zone
Sellin' weight in and outta state to generate cake
The one jakes hate
Got homicide, runnin' out of yellow tape
I pack toast with infra red scopes, I turn crews to dead folks
If y'all fellas is playas, I'm the head coach

[Chorus] {X2}

It's time I see something different...
Get the picture... The big picture...

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